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Our team provides the right solutions for you and your practice to help you create the practice you deserve.
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  1. Training & Development
    Through our extensive dental practice management training and leadership curriculum, we help develop dental staff into practice teams that deliver world-class services and patient experiences.
  2. Recruiting & Staffing
    Through our nationwide and extensive network, we help match talented solo dentists and support staff members with practices to help enable both to thrive and flourish.
  3. Patient Flow
    We partner with practices to create customized approaches to increase their number of new patients, retain their existing patients, and become recognized, well-respected members of their communities.
  4. Scheduling
    We show practice teams how to optimize their schedules and ensure they are filled yet still able to accommodate patients in need of same day emergency services.
  5. Operations
    We use our extensive knowledge of dental practice management operations to train, implement and grow your current operations.
  6. Billing & Cash Flow
    We use our experience to grow your collections to industry standard of 98% through improvement of your billing systems as well as reviewing your A/R and A/P to ensure optimal cashflow.
  7. Practice Transitions
    We assist in the successful transition of bringing on a partner or an associate. Additionally, we position you to maximize the value of your practice if you are preparing for retirement and/or if you are contemplating selling.
  8. Production
    We grow the practice by helping support the dentist and dental team in increasing their delivery of care and services to their patients and communities in a more effective manner.