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We match existing practices with recent dental school graduates, experienced associates, or partners for a practice transition.
We also match talented support staff (front office, dental assistants, hygienists, etc) with the right dental team and practice.

For dental practices and individual dentists looking for work

​​We match qualified candidates looking for employment with reputable practices and organizations.  Therefore, if you are a candidate looking for the right career choice, call us and allow us to match you with the right opportunity.  
Finding the right candidate or employer requires a unique understanding of the dental recruitment market. Ours comes from having a dedicated, specialized staff committed to keeping up with developments in the dental field. Forging partnerships with dental schools and residency programs — and talking with hundreds of experienced dentists each year — we’re able to gain access to an abundance of experienced and newly qualified dentists actively seeking employment in your area. 
Unlike dental recruitment agencies, we don’t just send you a list of candidates and leave you to do all the work. We pinpoint your specific requirements and personally match each candidate to the unique needs of your practice. Then we network with reliable
sources to make sure we get the candidate’s accurate history.

And by keeping up with changes in the market, we’re able to provide invaluable assistance in such areas as compensation, benefits, relocation packages, and contract negotiation. Our dental recruitment team will work closely with you until our joint effort results in a satisfying hire or the right employer for you.

Call us today at (800)295-5436 to begin your search.

We specializing in placing:  Dentists, Hygienists, Specialists, Staff and Office Managers.




Our team of professionals compromise experts with more than 20 years of dental practice managment and recruiting experience derived from working with schools,  independent dentists, large dental corporations, and everything in between.  Moreover, we understand what it takes to be successful in dentistry in a variety of settings.
In understanding what it takes to be successful in the dental field, we look for excellence and hold our candidates to these standards. We look for candidates that have a strong potential for or possess an unquestionable commitment to hard work,
a solid foundation of technical skills, and demonstration of excellent communication.
Our extensive network and relationships with educational institutions, independent dentists and corporate entities make us uniquely position to deliver what you need but it is our professional commitment to you and your practice that will create the value, the results and the relationship you want.