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Less than 80% of dentists are independent practice owners. With the number of privately-owned dental practices decreasing each year, research shows independent dentists are finding it difficult to start their own practice or stay competitive in the marketplace. Mentoring is the key to competing in an ever-changing marketplace.

Women compose around fifty percent of the students graduating from dental school yet still comprise a significantly lower percentage of professional and academic leadership positions (owners, professors, deans, etc) and make significantly lower compensation than their male counterparts.  Mentoring is an essential key to parity.



53,753 underrepresented minority dentists are needed for parity in the USA.  Underrepresentated minority dentists compromise a relatively smaill amount of practicing dentists.  Yet, the majority of patients they see are minority patients. Mentoring will increase the number of underrepresented minorities practicing dentistry and access to care for the underserved minority population.

Diverse Dental Services Mentoring Program
Our mentoring programs aims to partner with educational institutions, experienced dentists, and professional associations to provide newer dentists, students currently in dental school, and students interested in dentistry with the invaluable experience and knowledge to thrive in the field of dentistry.

We match the mentored dentist or student with a more experienced person and foster that relationship so that insight is gained and success more assured.  We also aim to support the mentored dentists with resources such as career advising/placement services, new practice start-up guidance, and providing them with a growing referral directory of well respected professionals such as attorneys, tax professionals, financial professionals, and others to support them at every stage of their careers.

For more detailed information, contact our Human Resource Department at (800) 295-5436 and ask about our Mentoring Program.